Fun and games

A new project

It’s never a good idea to suggest to Peter that a vacant space in the gardens would be a good area for something new – there is nothing he loves more than a garden project!

With the wisteria cut back around the outdoor kitchen seating area; the timber on order for the new pergola; the pathways around the back of the river strimmed and cut back to reveal the cheminée chemin’ to Beaumont (more of this to come!), and the lawn rotovated and re-seeded, (yes all of it ! ) …a new project was required.

After a glass of rose with some friends, I happened to mention that a pétanque court alongside the outdoor bar and BBQ area would be a fun addition to the grounds. After all who doesn’t love to play games with friends and family on holiday? Within a few minutes the dimensions for the court had been researched, and the pacing out had started.

Beautiful wisteria around the luxury gite

Petanque and Boulodromes

Petanque originated in Provence and you may already know it by the informal name of “boules” – which are the steel balls used to play the sport.

The French play pétanque everywhere –  in parks, under the trees on gravel car parks or terraces, or in pétanque courts called ‘boulodromes’.  It is played in teams and the idea is to get your team’s boule closer to the small target boule than the other team.

Of course, it is not quite as simple as this and there are lots of different techniques involved to foil the opposition, some legitimate, some which we think might push the boundaries of the rules! Either way it is addictive and a lot of fun!

A shovel leaning against a tree

Preparing the court

Roger, the pétanque guru from the pétanque club at Monpazier, one of the delightful neighbouring bastide villages, has been enlisted to help spec out and build the ‘championship size court’.

The oak sleepers for the surround have been delivered, the ground excavated, and a lorry load of gravel has arrived (and is blocking everyone’s access to the driveway!) There are even discussions underway to run a local tournament – ‘the Fontalbe Cup’.

The court will be finished in a few weeks and our guests are in for a real treat. I think we may need to provide them with some rules. It might be an idea to learn them ourselves first! Pictures once our boulodrome is complete to follow….

Oak timber sleepers ready for the petanque court

Fontalbe gite icon