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Fighting Back

We will never surrender When we bought Fontalbe we were aware that it would take more than a “lick of paint” to bring her back to life.  Despite what our ever-optimistic agent alleged.  There were no bathrooms, no bedrooms, no plumbing, no electrics and no floors.  When we speak of a lick of paint we […]

Caravan Living

I am partial to a nice hotel.  I like fluffy towels and room service and the little chocolates that are put on my pillow at night and people cleaning my sunglasses around the pool. Recently, during Fontalbe’s renovations, we have not been staying in nice hotels, not even in not-very-nice hotels.  We have been staying […]

Marrying the mayor

“You must go and visit the Mayor”, they said. “If you don’t go he will be annoyed with you forever and you will never get anything done”, they said. In France, every village has a Mairie.  It is normally the biggest building in the village, right at the centre proudly flying the Tricolore.   Monsieur Le […]

In the beginning…

Honey Badger – small animal, not afraid of anything.  Will take on a lion and fight to the death.   Scoffs in the face of a hungry cheetah. I am channelling my inner honey badger a lot these days. What shall we do in twenty years time?  Do we still want to be doing our jobs?  […]